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Premium Landscaping Design,  Construction and Maintenance  Company in Lethbridge

Trust Lawn Boys/LCW Industries to provide unparalleled landscaping services.


Looking for Seasonal Property Maintenance?

Ensure your property looks perfect year-round. From spring cleanup to snow removal, we have you covered.

Your Go-to Landscaper in Lethbridge

Transform your yard into a captivating oasis, a place you'll love spending time in, with the expert touch of Lawn Boys/LCW Industries, the premier landscaping company in Lethbridge. Elevate your home's curb appeal with our comprehensive landscape services. From meticulous lawn maintenance to innovative garden designs, we create stunning outdoor spaces that leave a lasting impression. Let us craft a welcoming environment where you, your family, or your clients can truly cherish each moment. Lawn Boys/LCW Industries is your go-to landscaper in Lethbridge. Reach out to us today to bring out your property's full potential! We offer a range of routine landscape services, such as:

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Landscape Design

Lawn Boys/LCW Industries offers unique garden plans to revitalize your property. With over 20 years of experience and voted #1 Best Landscaper in the Lethbridge Sun Times in 2020, we excel at envisioning stunning results. From residential to commercial landscaping projects, our fully-equipped team ensures a unique and beautiful landscaping experience. We maximize your backyard's potential and stand out in the neighbourhood. Contact us today for a quote, and let us bring new life to your property.

Landscape Maintenance

Don't let your yard turn into a jungle. Lawn Boys/LCW Industries, the trusted landscaper in Lethbridge, understands the effort it takes to maintain a beautiful outdoor space. Our services, including lawn trimming, garden care, weed removal, and debris clearing, ensure your yard remains well-kept and inviting. A well-maintained space can make a significant difference, attracting prospective clients to your business, making your home a preferred spot for children, and providing a welcoming ambience for entertaining friends and family. Choose us for seasonal maintenance contracts to keep your space looking impeccable all year round.

Our Belief for Lawn C.A.R.E.

  • Customers First: Prioritizing your needs and satisfaction.

  • Attitude: Proactive and passionate approach to every project.

  • Respect: Valuing your time, preferences, and property.

  • Enjoy Life: Creating joyful and fulfilling landscaping experiences.

We were voted #1 in the Best Landscaper category by the readers of the Lethbridge Sun Times in 2020! We have over 20 years of experience helping our clients get the most from the property. Our services are available year-round and cover your property needs, including winter snow removal, stone features, retaining walls, lighting, and more. If you need landscaping or renovation services in Lethbridge, give us a call and request a quote today.

Why Choose Us?



Design the Perfect Landscape

Transform your landscaping vision into a masterpiece with our exceptional landscaping services.


Enhance Your Exterior

We’ll help you create the ideal outdoor space, from patios and decks to trees and flower beds.

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