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Retaining Walls

We Build Retaining Walls for Property Owners in Lethbridge

A retaining wall is not something many people think about when considering how they can design their landscaping. However, it can be a necessary addition. Where a slope is severe enough, there is risk of soil erosion and even landslides. A retaining wall can be used to help support the higher ground and prevent these problems from coming up. 

Turn a sloped yard into a 2-layer yard with a less-severe slope. Or use one alongside a driveway where the grass is uneven. Lawn Boys/LCW Industries are experts in designing and installing retaining walls for Lethbridge property owners. 

We can build retaining walls out of the following material:

  • Pressure-treated 4x6

  • Concrete

Ready to get started on your retaining wall construction? Just give us a call today and request a quote. 

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