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Lawn and Irrigation

Irrigation Systems Installation and Sprinkler Repair in Lethbridge​​

A well-maintained lawn is a point of pride for any homeowner or business owner. It looks great and can be very pleasant to spend time on. However, only some have the time or energy to maintain it as well as they would like. A lawn that’s been neglected can be an eyesore, and it can reduce your property value. There might even be legal ramifications if you belong to a homeowner’s association with standards you must maintain. That’s where we come in. Lawn Boys/LCW Industries offers comprehensive lawn care, irrigation systems, underground irrigation, and irrigation system repair services in Lethbridge and the surrounding area.

Our yard and lawn services include:

  • Lawn trimming

  • Hand weeding

  • Granular fertilizer application

  • Weed spraying

  • Tree and shrub trimming

  • Aeration

  • Power raking

  • Lawn edging

  • Full sprinkler system services

Plant & Irrigation System

Why Install an Irrigation System?

Avoid over/underwatering: Overwatering or underwatering your garden can adversely affect it, even killing your plants or grass, which would cost you time and money to replace. An irrigation system that has been adequately designed and installed can allow you to target specific areas, choose the amount of water needed, and reduce your water costs.

Reduce water waste: A strategically placed and automated irrigation system will reduce the amount of water waste, which means lower monthly water bills for you. Research indicated that as much as seven percent of water waste results from poor, inefficient water usage.

Defend Your Turf

Keeping your lawn watered is vital to keeping it healthy and verdant. A lawn sprinkler system is a great way to ensure you don’t forget to keep it adequately watered. We can design and install whole sprinkler systems, so you never have to worry again.

For more information on our lawn care services and to request a quote, please reach out today.

Installation of Sprinkler

We offer expert installation of sprinkler irrigation systems in Lethbridge. Our process begins with meticulous mapping and identifying watering zones for different areas. We dig trenches and install the pre-assembled valve and box. High-quality pipes and sprinkler heads are then carefully placed. The programmable control unit and rain sensor are integrated, ensuring efficient and water-saving operation. Once everything is set, we bury the pipes and valves, leaving your landscape pristine. Our skilled team fine-tunes the sprinkler heads for precise watering direction. For flawless sprinkler irrigation system installation in Lethbridge, contact us today and enjoy a lush, green lawn with ease.

Underground Irrigation System Design

Lawn Boys, part of LCW Industries, excels in designing efficient underground irrigation systems. Using durable PVC pipes for Ontario's climate, our expertly designed systems divide into zones with individual valves, ensuring optimal water pressure for each sprinkler head. This approach allows automatic operation through a time-clock controller or manual control by opening specific valves. Our innovative design ensures that lawn heads remain hidden beneath the grass, "popping up" for watering and retracting afterward, preserving the landscape's aesthetics. For top-notch underground irrigation system design, contact us today for a hassle-free lawn at your properties in Lethbridge.

Irrigation System Repair Services

We are your expert irrigation system repair shop in Lethbridge. We excel in repairing existing systems, ensuring they function optimally. When winter approaches, trust us for irrigation blowouts, ensuring your system is safely closed for the season. We offer sprinkler system startups in spring, preparing your system for lush growth. Whether residential or commercial, we cater to all irrigation needs. Contact us today for reliable and efficient irrigation system repair services, maintaining your green oasis year-round.

Contact Us

Lawn Boys/LCW Industries provides dependable lawn care services, along with underground irrigation system installation, design, and repair, catering to Lethbridge and its neighbouring areas. Reach out to us today.


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