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Landscape Design

Landscape Design Services in Lethbridge

It isn’t always easy to visual the end product of a project before it’s completed, especially if you’re not an artistic person. That’s why we provide 2D garden plans for all our landscaping projects. Our goal is to help you maximize the potential of your backyard! Call the favourite landscape design company of Lethbridge to bring new life to an  old and outdated property. We even do custom consultations so you can be sure your yard will be unique in your neighbourhood. 

Lawn Boys/LCW Industries is a fully- equipped landscaping company that is ready to take on all residential and commercial landscaping jobs. We have over 20 years of experience and were voted #1 Best Landscaper in the Lethbridge Sun Times in 2020.

Let your yard be the best it can be. From lawn trimming services to custom landscape design, Lawn Boys/LCW Industries are the one-shop shop for creating a beautiful, customized landscaping experience. Give us a call today and request a quote. 

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