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Rock Features

Quality Landscape Rock Features
in Lethbridge

Want to add some flavour to your property? Landscape rock features are an interesting and unique way to break up the monotony of the green that can come from grass, add some excitement, and even provide a place to sit down.


Lethbridge trusts Lawn Boys/LCW Industries for their rock feature needs, including dry creek beds. Our team can work with you to come up with a design that works for you and your space, then implement it on a timely schedule. Let our experience give you the backyard space you have always dreamed of.

Decorations That Rock

We have the capability of building a range of decorative rock features using the following types of rocks:

Crushed Stone Selection

  • Black Rundle​

  • Moyie Rust​

  • Montana Red​

  • North Hill Gold​

  • Montana River Rock​

  • Crushed Sparkle​

  • Rosen Mountain Kendall​

  • Red Shale​

  • Rounds​

  • Sandstone​

Decorative Rock​

Rock Rubble

Armor Rock


Screened Gravel

  • 25 mm​

  • 16 mm​

  • 12.5 mm​

  • 20 mm Radon​

  • 5-15 mm Rounds (playground)


  • Top Soil with 10 % compost Blend​

  • Pitsand​

  • Washed sand (Sandbox)

Top Soil & Sand​

Image by Alexander Fastovets

Road Crush​

  • 25 mm Road Crush​

  • 50 mm Road Crush​


Rip Rap

Increase the visual appeal and garner the envy of your neighbours by adding some cool rock features to your garden. Give us a call today to talk about your vision and request a quote.

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