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Quality Kitchen Renovations in Lethbridge

The kitchen is the centrepiece of a home. It’s where a lot of activities and family gatherings happen – cooking, mealtimes, parties, and more. If it feels drabber and more depressing than inspiring, perhaps it is time to think about renovations. After all, you deserve a kitchen that gives you the best in life – fun, food, and family.


Putting together kitchen renovations is not always easy work, so it’s best left to the professionals. Lawn Boys/LCW Industries have worked on many kitchen remodels in and around Lethbridge. You can trust us to assist you with your dream kitchen from beginning to end.


Our team is experienced with:

  • Designs

  • Renovations

  • Full demolition and reconstruction

  • Painting and plastering

  • Trim and installation of new floors and walls

  • Cabinet installation – custom cabinetry

  • Reconfiguration and installation of backsplash

  • Installation of countertops and appliances

  • Installation of accessories

  • Outdoor patios and decks

  • Lighting, plumbing, and electrical needs

We can take your vision and turn them into a reality. Our expert craftsmen are committed to helping you get the kitchen you want, on time and on budget.


It’s never the wrong time to start thinking about how you can renovate and create your dream kitchen. Give us a call today to request a quote.

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