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Landscape Construction in Lethbridge

Do you have a dream in mind for your backyard? Want to add some new life to your outdoor space? Lawn Boys/LCW Industries are the answer to your prayers. We are the premier landscaping company in Lethbridge with over 20 years of experience in helping you build your ideal yard.

We offer a range of landscape building services:

  • Laying new sod (including artificial sod)

  • Planting trees

  • Building gravel beds

  • Creating proper borders on existing features

  • Fencing installation – pressure treated wood and chain link

  • Irrigation services

  • Lighting installation

  • Landscape design

We have worked on a wide range of jobs, including putting greens, dog runs, rock and garden beds, and more. Get a quote today.

Laying New Sod

New sod, whether real or artificial, allows you to get a healthy-looking lawn without having to wait for the grass to grow. If you are thinking about rebuilding your outdoor space, having new sod put down is one of the key steps in making everything look perfect. Lawn Boys/LCW Industries can give your outdoor landscaping project the start it needs with brand-new sod, including artificial sod.

Installing Turfs
Planting a Tree

Planting Trees

Trees provide shade for your property and help lend a more majestic visual aesthetic to your space. Lawn Boys/LCW Industries is able to plant a variety of trees to help complete the look of your landscaping project.

Building Gravel Beds

Gravel beds are not something you see in every garden, but they are a useful landscaping feature to add to yours. They help retain moisture and can reduce maintenance like weeding. The secrets to a successful gravel bed are choosing the right plants and preparing the soil beneath it. Lawn Boys/LCW Industries can assist you with these, ensuring you have a gravel bed that looks beautiful for years to come.

Botanical Garden
Styled Garden

Creating Borders for Existing Features

Having defined borders for your existing landscape features is a great way to help outline areas of your garden and separate them from other areas. Lawn Boys/LCW Industries can create visually pleasing borders for your garden in a style that best suits your vision.

Fencing Installation

Fencing adds security and privacy to any outdoor space, protecting your beautiful backyard from intruders (human or animal). They can also help define the property lines. Lawn Boys/LCW Industries provides high-quality fencing to ensure you can feel secure in your space. 

Modern House Exterior
Irrigating Fields

Full Irrigation Services

Keeping your lawn and garden watered is obviously very important in the dry months. You’ve spent a lot of time, money, and effort on getting the right plants, trees, flowers, and lawn, but one hot summer undo all your work if you’re not careful. It doesn’t have to be that way though; getting a full irrigation system installed, including sprinklers and even water features, can really make the difference when it comes to protecting your investment. Lawn Boys/LCW Industries provide irrigation installation services, meaning you’ll have peace of mind when it comes to keeping your property watered.

Lighting Installation

Let your yard shine bright even at night! Installing landscape lighting allows you to show off the best parts of your garden even in the dark. It also provides an element of safety as you are not walking the paths in the dark, where you could more easily trip over unseen objects. Lawn Boys/LCW Industries can find the perfect lighting to properly accent your landscape choices.

Modern House Exterior
White Brick House

Landscape Design

Do you have a vision in mind for your yard but are not sure how to build it? Lawn Boys/LCW Industries can provide landscape design services to help you create the outdoor space you’ve always wanted.

Commercial Landscape Construction Services

We understand that your commercial property is a significant investment. Well-maintained yards are important for your business because they leave a positive impression on your clients, customers, patrons and visitors. We can transform the yard on your commercial property into a space that not only fulfills that purpose but also adds additional functionalities. Our contractors have years of experience working on commercial properties and can handle unique needs. We can install lightning, draft a personalized design plan, plant trees and much more.

Residential landscaping

Residential Landscape Construction Services

Your home deserves the attention and care of experts. Our landscape contractors can work around your requirements, budget and taste to create stunning landscapes that enhance your home's value and functionality. We will help you get the most out of your landscape by turning your front and back yards into spaces you're proud of. Check our portfolio and learn about our residential landscape construction projects.

Backyard Construction

Your backyard provides you with endless space. You can use it in a manner that best reflects your needs. For instance, if you're someone who enjoys hosting, the backyard is the ideal spot for features such as ambient lighting. Our contractors can optimize your use of space with our backyard construction in Lethbridge. Reach out to us today for backyard construction.

Backyard landscaping
Frontyard landscaping

Front Yard Construction

Your front yard is the first thing that people notice about your home or commercial space. We can help you enhance your curb appeal with our landscape construction in Lethbridge. We can devise a design that best matches your budget and give your front yard a makeover.

Contact Us for Landscape Construction in Lethbridge

At Lawn Boys/LCW Industries, our team can help with your commercial and residential landscape construction project. Contact us if you have any queries or would like to have a quote.


Why wait to build the yard you’ve always wanted? Give us a call today to request a quote.

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